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What you should know before you buy the right gaming laptop

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What you should know before you buy the right gaming laptop 

What you should know before you buy the right gaming laptop
What you should know before you buy the right gaming laptop 
Different specifications have become available every year in the world of laptops, whether those directed to players or content makers at different prices may make you as a user at a loss when you think about buying a new laptop and choose best laptop for gaming in 2019 for you, especially if your budget is limited and looking for the best performance formula for the price.

The graphics card is one of the important factors in choosing the right laptop, especially if the purpose of buying it is to enjoy the latest games, content industry or both.

How to choose the right graphics card

The graphics card is one of the most important elements in laptops, some laptops may carry a built-in graphics card only as in many low-priced laptops without the presence of any separate graphics card but when talking about choosing Best graphics cards for gaming for use in design and editing there is a separate graphics card It is essential.

Some graphics cards may be suitable for trying different games on intermediate settings that ensure the user has a suitable frame rate while others offer an exceptional experience in the number of frames especially with the choice of high play settings.

Another point to focus on is whether the laptop will be used in content creation, video production or live streaming during gameplay, especially as the stream consumes part of the graphics card resources, which means that some frames are lost and in competitive games the high number of frames offers the best experience. Play possible. Graphics cards from Nvidia may be considered the best options currently available, especially with its extensive support for various games as well as support for the entire content industry programs, for example, Adobe software, which means that it is suitable for various uses. If you want to get the best graphics, the Geforce RTX series is the right choice especially in the future with the support of ray tracing and DLSS technologies that add a stunning visual experience and the performance of these cards in the design and editing programs is not higher. Geforce RTX laptops may come at a slightly higher price, but choosing a suitable graphics card for many years to come is a long-term investment that ensures that you can play various current and upcoming games for a long period of time, especially with the adoption of radiation tracking technologies and fully supported in Best computer games in 2019 coming.

In addition to the Geforce RTX series, the Geforce GTX 16xx series graphics cards are one of the right options in the case of intermediate budgets, as both the Geforce GTX 1650 and Geforce GTX 1660Ti cards come with higher performance than their predecessors in addition to a very competitive price. 70% higher than the Geforce GTX 1050 and twice as high as the Geforce GTX 950M, while the Geforce GTX 1660Ti rivals the Gefrorce GTX 1070, which was the top-of-the-line last year. This means that most games and large titles can be played with a high frame rate at Full HD resolution with ease, ensuring high-quality graphics with great clarity with a seamless gaming experience. The Max-Q design of the cards has contributed to the creation of ultra-thin laptops with a light weight sometimes up to 1.8 kg, which means easy movement of the laptop can play through it anywhere and can be easily transferred to the workplace, especially in the case of work in the content industry as it offers These cards are a very good experience in this field. Select your usage and then choose the appropriate graphics card to ensure you get the best performance for as long as possible, not just for one or two years.

Choosing the Right Sized Screen

The screen refresh rate as mentioned is one of the important factors when buying a gaming laptop, but some users also prefer to play on a large screen, which means that the weight of the laptop will increase as usual and difficult to navigate.

Choose processor, storage and random memory

While the graphics card plays the biggest role in choosing a suitable laptop for games, it is important to choose an appropriate processor that helps to get the best possible performance, especially when choosing the laptop for games and content industry in programs that use the processor and graphics card heavily. Choosing a non-energy-efficient top-end processor is essential for excellent performance and is not necessary, for example, moving to an Intel Core i7 processor.If you choose a gaming laptop that is essentially a non-energy-efficient Core i5 processor, it may be a good choice. Excellent graphics card. In addition, the size of the random memory should not be less than 8 GB, which is the basic standard used in all gaming laptops currently and is definitely recommended to upgrade this size to 16 GB, which is the most appropriate size for both games or in the use of design and editing programs that may also require more in some Sometimes. The choice of SSD storage is the best option.It has high read and write speeds, which allows you to shorten the load time of games that you may have problems with in long load time if you use an HDD storage that is mainly suitable for storing files only. Most of the modern laptops support the use of SSD M.2 storage that comes with its own port and very small size.


Gaming laptops will not be able to play on them for a long time using the battery due to the high power consumption in order to get the performance of the graphics card and the processor fully, so it is preferable to play by connecting the power adapter to the laptop if the playing periods are long

However, some Nvidia-branded laptops, especially the Gerforce GTX 16XX series, feature Nvidia Optimus that fully utilizes graphics card resources when needed automatically and when the laptop is used for normal tasks such as browsing the Internet and watching certain videos. Fully graphics card resources, which means energy saving and significantly longer battery life, ensuring laptop battery life.
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