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What do you want to know about VDSL?

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VDSL technology
VDSL technology
The world of technology is constantly renewed. Each moment presents a new technique that is more recent than its predecessor or competitor. The development of these technologies shows the new terms, which seem to be unknown to the first, and then after a period that begins with clarity and is understood by the public.

Some of the techniques that have recently begun to spread in Many countries are VDSL technology. Did you ask yourself what the technology means and what is its usefulness? .. Here is information about this technique:

What is VDSL technology?

Is a shortcut to the very high bitranme digital subscriber line service, which is a high-speed Internet service, a technology faster than ADSL, where the speed of download and upload up to 5 times, which makes it very expensive for home Internet users.

The concept of VDSL was first introduced in 1991 in a joint research study. The subject of the study was on the following technologies after HDSL and ADSL. The VDSL technology was approved in 2001 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

This technology is capable of supporting high-quality television screens as well as Internet services by using the same existing wiring used for low-speed DSL.

VDSL technology 2:

VDSL is an advanced technology from VDSL and supports the weakness of what it offers. For example, if VDSL supports 40 megapixels, VDSL2 supports 80 megapixels, and although it is currently the best technology, it is not widespread.

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