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Days Gone 2019 review

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Days Gone 2019 review

Days Gone 2019 review
Days Gone 2019 review 
Come Game Days Gone exclusively on devices PlayStation game Days Gone lasted about 6 years of development and this raise the very expectations of the game and the game became required to submit a lot and a lot, they are a headline, Exclusive to Sony as the developer took a full time process development.

The story of the game

The game of Days Gone belonging to the games solo mode or the Single Player and that phase of games relating to the importance of the story is very large, Where be is the focus of the game and the basis on which it is based.

After two years of bloody battles and the spread of a virus lethal to mankind died, most of the first half and the second half has turned into cannibal monsters invincible thanks to their number, thanks to ( Boozer ) friend Deacon survive because they travel from one area the other is out. which helps them avoid the monster eater, and a champion for the private camp survivors, says the work of the service for food and drink and supplies other ، Some might think that the game revolves around the idea of zombies and try to survive them after the end of the world, but the truth is not the events of the game occur two years after the disaster and a large amount of humans into beings known as the Freakers this is the first point of difference can the Freakers not a zombie or zombies but are humans infected with the virus or the Maine make their return to the primitive state, or perhaps more accurately, the demolition of the nursery and turn them into mere animals with some distortions of formalism and they are very similar. with the objects in the movie American I AM LEGEND, So you find them in communities and groups of their own as they prefer the night because the light generally day or weaken Their strength is therefore gathered in the dark and cold regions.

The characters

Image appropriate and available to people who lived their lives looking for food and food and stay alive, no matter what, it made the story all of the Deacon and Boozer as a person two identical goals but internally was the target of Deacon is different from the Boozer decoding decor looking for any reason to live in days ago wants also lose life and lives with his wife in their world, the other one, but gives him the instincts of the stars that were coherent with his work who is almost a hundred percent of the time !

Game style

The game of Days Gone belong to the quality of the Games action and to stay and events through the open world from a third-person perspective where the personal clear in front of you on the screen which gives you a greater chance of the World Ocean Network, this is the perfect well-known for heavily on the story or developed individual play generally.

The game does not entirely depend on the idea of shooting.the amount of bullets and ammunition available is very low, so it will often resort to direct combat with hands or tools. you can also eliminate enemies by stealth.

One of the most important things in the game is a motorcycle battery where there is a task of the whole spin about the bike it is not just a means of transmission through the world like compounds found in most open world games, but there is a relationship of association is strong between the hero and the bike first, they are a way of development only and secondly some times be the only hope for you in the escape, because of the great importance of the bike and put the game a lot of activity related to it such as the development of own initiatives and regular maintenance carried out by bicycle and certainly you have as a player to move to fill the bike with fuel.
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Graphic performance

Featuring the graphics as excellent as the beauty of the graphics and finer minute details of the details of the reflection of the lights possible I have water and shade, and Michael to me more in fees he details the characters of the wrinkles and Facial Expressions accurate and very real .

The details contained in 3D Models from which the study of Deacon, which aroused admiration from the rest of the ocean which was on the level and status of excellent but of peace in the graphics specifically in the ال3D Modeling also are some trees that looked a little strange and technical problems in other existing graphics .. But it doesn't fundamentally affect my assessment of the graphics and the way I play in general .
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