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How to protect your computer from viruses

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How to protect your computer from viruses

How to protect your computer from viruses
How to protect your computer from viruses
Computer viruses (viruses) are computer programs designed to work on your computer without your permission and training with the operations and records of computer sabotage or delete information, or even the exploitation of the resources of the system you have for the purposes of the subversive other. The files (spywares) are designed to collect personal information such as websites you visit and record data, the user name and password for your accounts is electronic, but they can get your credit card number from your computer without your knowledge. The files advertising (speed, it secretly opens) they are designed for advertising change the general settings in the PC like change the browser home page to show some windows propaganda while you are connected to the Internet and browsing websites.

How do I know if my device is infected with viruses

Maybe more things annoying can these files enter your computer over a long period of time without being detected. It is therefore important to follow the preventive methods that we will recognize in this article. The general symptoms of HIV infection are that your system slows relatively more than usual, stops responding and shuts down from time to time, system collapses, reboots every few minutes and doesn't function normally. Other possible symptoms are disabling the programs work properly and you can't print in the correct format, as well as inaccessible disks and drives in your device the appearance of many error messages. The signs that indicate a computer is infected with spy and propaganda they are similar to the symptoms of virus infection, in addition, lost appears on the Windows screen pop up unwanted and can happen even when you're not surfing the Internet. Your web page may also differ from the page you use, and you may notice that there is an undesirable toolbar on your web browser.

How do I protect your computer from viruses?

Keep your computer against these files at 100% is very difficult as long as you use the Internet, but these are some tips that will ensure you protect your device by a large percentage and the risk of these files:
  • Access to Antivirus software, such as famous antivirus software .
  •  Get an Antispyware program, like Malwarebytes’ anti-malware program like avast.
  • Get a firewall (Firewall), if your operating system and or newer versions, you probably do not need to download a firewall because it is integrated with the operating system.
  • Use pop-up block in your browser, such as add Ad Block to Google chrome browser.
  •  Secure your wireless network with a password, and only allow users to certificated employees called.
  •  Always use complicated passwords of numbers, letters and codes for your e-accounts and don't put on simple, easy-to-guess passwords.
  • Keep your operating system and software up-to-date on a regular basis.
  •  Don't open emails with questionable or that don't know its source or present in the mail jealousy textures.
  • Before downloading any file or program from the Internet, download it from its trusted source or official website.
  •  Back up your files.
  • How do I find the best antivirus and anti-spy ware programs?

If you want the list of best antivirus and anti-spywares from the Internet, search the Internet for the best programs by using the following words (Top Antivirus) or (best enterprise antivirus), and then type the current year, there are a lot of websites containing lists of the best programs. For example, computer magazine websites are a reliable source of such information, and be careful to read their latest lists.

When you find best malware protection programs that suit you, go to the websites of these programs as all corporate
developer programs reliable and offer a lot of information about their software on their websites.
Look for a profile of these programs, and then select the help section to get information about download this software and install in your device and use it.
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