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Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac

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Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac

Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
Apple intends to launch the new version of mac operating system  Mac, which is named Mac OS Catalina  macOS Catalina during the coming fall, but now Apple has already launched the general trial version of the system, current mac os  have an opportunity to see the most important features New.

As with previous macOS updates, macOS supports some new features that will help you change the way you use Mac devices, both desktop and mobile
Here are the top 4 features in Apple's macOS Catalina version:

Support for iPad applications

The new iPad support feature in macOS Catalina is one of the most important features because of the huge potential it offers to users, as developers will now be able to transfer their applications from the application store (August Store) on the iOS system to MacOS so that users can run them On Macs.
This means you'll soon be able to see your favorite iPad and iPhone apps running on macOS,
bringing a large number of new gadgets to Mac devices.

 Sidecar feature to use the iPad as a second screen:

Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
Sidecar lets you use your iPad as a Mac screen and high-resolution graphic board, via Mac-supported apps, turning your iPad into a more effective external screen for many tasks.

You'll have the ability to expand your desktop to create a larger workspace, and you can drag the cursor between screens, and open multiple apps across all screens.

If you have an Apple Pencil, you can also use an iPad to draw, or type in any Mac app that supports the pen.

Best of all, sidecar can be turned on over a wireless connection, so you can work more freely, but you must be 10 meters away from your Mac.

Voice control:

Apple's MacOS Catalina version is, best mac os version, has provided a commendable feature: Voice Control, as the name suggests, allows you to control every aspect of your Mac with your voice.

Voice Control enables users who can't turn on traditional input devices to control entire Mac devices, using their voices by relying on Siri voice recognition technology, which also ensures that personal data is kept private.

All apps and menus can be controlled using the new voice control as well, and voice gestures can repeat common mouse and trackpad gestures.
Although other new OS version features on this list add great new elements to Mac devices, the new voice control will dramatically change the way people live.

Replace the iTunes app with three applications:

Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
Top 4 New Features In MacOS Catalinas Next Mac
In the macOS Catalina version, Apple will give up the iTunes app after 18 years and replace it with three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcast, and Apple TV, so that separate apps control your entertainment activities.

Apple has indicated that it will abandon the iTunes app to keep the app fast, help the user focus on what they want, and this step will not in any way affect the synchronization of all music, video, and podcast via iCloud to become available on all your devices.

What is Apple Macintosh System

what is mac os,Is an operating system for Macintosh computers produced by Apple and has several updated versions including the Macintosh version (V10.11 El Captain), and is subject to the development of continuous and independent.

This system is abbreviated as "Mac", the abbreviation "0Macintosh", meaning an apple. It is easy to use. It provides the user with a graphical interface through which to access the computer. Appears on the computer screen.

Mac OS, a series of existing operating systems based on graphical user interfaces. The development process is limited to Apple only, and is limited to Mac OS X computers. The Mac OS is called the first seven versions From the Apple Macintosh operating system.
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