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These reasons make Battlefield V at the top games

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These reasons make Battlefield V at the top games

These reasons make Battlefield V at the top games
These reasons make Battlefield V at the top games
Every day comes many wonderful games but actually Battlefield V a game of the best games so far Over generations and generations of game controllers. There have always been two games of shooting games from the perspective of the first person are the most popular Especially, ea battlefield and competitive in the gaming market. Last week, Call of Duty put its papers on the table and radically altered the series's formula forever with the Battle Royale system like the PUBG and Fortnite games, but with its own touch.

Now Battlefield V has come to show up on the scene, and I have to admit that the new advertising ad left me stunned. I also found it very difficult to keep my enthusiasm for what I knew about the new additions with battlefield 5 multiplayer changes made by the Battlefield series in its new release Battlefield V, and I wanted you to share my pentagram as I write this article.

New Combined Arms system

battlefield 5 is Action games of this kind loves everyone because they live adventure and integrate with the game dramatically with "Combined Arms" is the new collaborative fighting mode in the Multiplayer system. And you can play with your own team of 1-4 players. You perform certain tasks that appear on the screen at different times. You may have to take a vital position to complete the task, for example, to steal a car before the explosives explode. Is a system to help new players who do not know how to become good at team play yet. This system gives you the plans, ideas and exercises you need to play with trusted outsiders. You play with your friends as well, so you will undoubtedly learn teamwork with the addition of Mission Generator, which makes the missions always refreshed and varied as you start a new game.

New war stories and new places

With the renewed stories in the game make you not tired of the game, but looking to spend more time where once driving a plane and once a tank and again a ship in addition to the renewal of maps is a wonderful.Dice said it will give you new stories about World War II that you have never seen before in any movie or game or even read about in any book. Battlefield V will also talk more about the role of women in war, especially in Norway in 1942. It focuses on fighting a young resistance trying to save her family. Battlefield is known to be always accurate in mentioning the details of the history of wars. As I mentioned before, DICE wants to stay away from recycled events, though legendary battles such as the Normandy invasion, putting players in places and situations they might not expect, such as the North African Sahara, the Dutch city of Rotterdam, the French countryside and the harsh and polar environment in northern Norway occupied by Germans.

The new system of Grand Operations Real interactive wars

Ea offers an interactive system that is a new system that allows you and with a famous game in Battlefield 5 with the open system of games will be awesome.Especially with"Operations" was a new kind of online games and first appeared in Battlefield 1 and spread to various maps of the game. Grand Operations takes the same idea and makes it more detailed. These games will take place over four fictional days, each of these days being considered a different game. However, there will be a consistent story that connects each other. This means that your success and your skill in dealing with the first day in maintaining equipment and helping your friends will directly affect the next day when  you battlefield online. Just like real wars that last for days and days.

Mode Tides Of War Always updated wars

The game is constantly renewed as the updates are downloaded continuously by the ea in addition to that you can play online also Another big part of Battlefield V is Tides of War or so-called "Renewable Service". It was designed to put players in different novels during World War II. Each season will be limited by a limited Time Event, and players will be offered new ways to play the game every few months. This can be a new story to play singles or specific types of games and rules added to the multiplayer system. In addition to new equipment, special tasks and other types of content within the game.

Premium Pass No additional fees after purchase of the game

I made the best of the end. DICE will eliminate any additional charges you may need to play new content as opposed to previous games. You no longer need to purchase DLC to run new maps and new gaming systems with your friends. Everything is available to everyone from the start. Only real-money upgrades will be made, so that new players can reach the level of progress that makes them equal to the old players in the same game.
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