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Best Offline Games on Android That Don’t Need Internet

Best Offline Games on Android
Best Offline Games on Android

The games that we will offer today specialize in 3 basic features: First is the Offline, they are games that can be played without internet in the process of the offline and this It is also interesting, fun a and comes with good graphics sometimes and excellent at other times. Finally, it is chosen for you according to the statistics of 2019 (quoted from several platforms), that is simply not to show you old games or a pyramid of time. Prepare your smartphone to receive the best Android games that can be played Offline without Net for 2019 in gamezztech .

Trial Xtreme 4 :

Only 1% of the players in this game can collect 3 stars in the game. This is how the game developers describe this difficult game. Trail Xtreme 4 is a game that you can play offline without internet and is one of the best games for 2019. From obstacles to using your bike (both aerobic, motorcycle and also Hoverboard) bumps or difficulties and levels are gradually increasing and getting more and more difficult. The game comes with a beautiful and professional graphic, amazing and smooth control while playing the game, with the characteristics of changing the bike and winning other bikes to overcome the most difficult obstacles. The game is from a 2D perspective and not three dimensional and remains beautiful and professional in the game as well. You can get the game from the Google App Store through the following link. Trial Xtreme 4

BombSquad :

Remember Super Bomberman? Just a little to remember, a game that was played in the Atari games, along with other games such as Contra and Super Mario, in Super Bomberman you have the ability to plant bombs around the arena, the last ones that explode after a few minutes of planting, You have to plant it near the enemy or in its course when it is detonated near it in order to eliminate them all, a fun game and need some planning as well. BombSquad

Neon Shadow :

If you are a fan of FPS games or shooting games from the first person's perspective, however, the most popular games that support this are played online and yet you are looking for a stronger game to play Offline, our choice is Neon Shadow, it has all the qualifications and The ingredients for playing Offline.
In the Neon Shadow game, you can choose between several modes of play, including Multiplayer mode, which depends on the Internet or play through the Lan as explained in the previous game, or you can choose to play the Campaign Mode, which can be played in the pipeline, in this mode You will have to accomplish several tasks imposed by the course of the game such as killing some characters in the game, at each stage you get some awards that allow you to develop your weapons and your combat readiness to prepare for the next stage, the game depends on the perspective of the first person First Person Shooter in the game, Professional reversal of other release games, the game provides a graphic J weapons and places and personalities as well as well as other influences such as graphics shooting and sounds inside the game. Neon Shadow 

Special Force Group 2

If you are also a fan of games similar to the game of Counter Strike famous both in terms of the typical play or even weapons and capabilities and want to include them to your Android phone, we also suggest the game Special Force Group 2 game of Android games that you can play offline and without Internet My friend .
Game Special Forces Group 2 is not much different from the game Counter Strike version of the computer in terms of play, weapons, maps, and even the way of movement and principle and we can say that it is just a mini version of the mobile game of Counter Strike, you can through this game To play Offline against Bots that do not require Internet at all, while there are other modes of play such as Multiplayer mode that need the Internet for use, but what is relevant to this situation at the moment. If you are good at aiming and sniping goals, the best choice of weapons in this game, the game provides you access to the forms (Skins) of the weapons you play in the game to add aesthetic in the game, you can over time to collect and use. Special Force Group 2
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