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5 tech predictions in 2019 smartphone technologies

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latest predictions in 2019 smartphone technologies

smartphone technologies

The year 2018 is considered to be one of the most exciting innovations in the smart phone world. Apple's notch has started at the top of the screen to become a new trend adopted by most other companies, as well as significantly increase RAM capacity, Artificial in phones. It seems that these companies will not ease the pace of innovations to attract more buyers after signs of market saturation began to emerge.

what's new in smartphone technologies

The new year is expected to be very popular with the fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) in smartphones and Android, and the integrated fingerprint reader under the screen. It can be said that manufacturers will benefit from the 2018 technologies to develop their products and to make revolutionary changes in design, capabilities and software.

Compact cameras in the screen

All smartphone manufacturers - except Apple - agree that the slot in the folder is now both, but it does not have to be at some point, but it must be the same on iPhone 3G phones and new devices, and the 2019 treaties will see the emergence This is a small circular hole in lieu of that slit.
Huawei has already announced two new phones with holes on the screen, as Samsung did on its Galaxy 8S. As more devices are expected, 2019 years may be the pinhole phones on the screen.

Fingerprint Reader Built-in screen

Biometric technologies have become an exclusive reality in the smart phone world in the past few years. The integrated fingerprint reader has become popular at the end of 2018 with the release of phones such as One Plus 6T and Huawei Mitt 20 Pro. , Which uses this new and unique technique.
The 2019 will see the development of existing optical sensors by integrating them with improved ultrasonic sensors in an expanded range of phones and this technology will be developed by many companies.

attention to cameras

It is expected that smart phones seek to overthrow the digital cameras with a single lens reflective and sophisticated and expensive. The smartphones included two lenses initially, and then raised this number to three and four lenses in order to enable the user to zoom the image up to 10 times the real dimension and obtain a picture of high quality and high accuracy.
The cameras of some phones dedicate different and unique imaging patterns that enable users to enjoy great images with the addition of the effect of Bouquet, which imparts a hazy effect on the background such as movie cameras.

Expensive phones and a fifth generation network

It is expected that the year 2019 will see the emergence of phones that rely on the networks of the fifth generation, which enables users to transfer data faster and make the prices of these phones are very high than ever before. It is not possible to say that only the fifth generation technology is capable of achieving this rise, but the cost of leading and high-quality phones in the market dominated by Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S will continue to rise.

Smart phones folding

This year, folding smart phones will become a reality, as they have already emerged in 2018. With Samsung's efforts, these phones are scheduled to be launched sometime in 2019 and, if released, folding phones In the lead several years.
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