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The best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019

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The best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019
The best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019

  The best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019, some antivirus You don't have to pay for everything , her best antivirus free download there are always free alternatives that provide you with as little or more as you need. In the world of software and software,in antivirus for PC you will always be mindful of those who cannot afford to pay dozens of monthly or annual subscriptions for everything that they want to use, so that they do not find a huge amount deducted from his poor salary, unable to meet his initial needs. Needless to mention the importance of antivirals on computers running Windows; because the link between them for many years. To be sure of this importance, and because the prices of paid versions of these programs are full of many advanced features compared to free versions of them, many resort to either download them pirated, depriving them of the advantage of receiving updates to the database, or ignore the dependence on them completely and try to take care and caution themselves as much as possible. The above options are risky and may make you regret at a time when remorse will not work. But the good news here is that you do not need to use - as an individual - to pay for the best protection of your computer and get the best antivirus for windows 10, but that many antivirus now put most of the features that give you full protection in its free version, and select features that may be considered by many as a luxury to pay for enjoyment Out.
her We will explain in the gamezz tech,  best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019 and Features and how to download .

The best 4 free antivirus for PC 2019

1. Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast antivirus ranked first as the best total score for having all seven features comparable:
  • Speed and efficiency in checking malware on demand.
  • Power and accuracy of real-time protection (continuous running in the background and detecting viruses once they attempt to enter the device).
  • Evaluate the websites in terms of the safety of browsing and recording your data.Block malicious links from opening.
  • Protection from phishing and phishing via fake links or suspicious emails,anti spyware.
  • Intelligent detection of previously unknown malware by constantly monitoring its behavior and inferring its damage.
  • Comprehensive scanning for operating system, software and network vulnerabilities.

Avast Free Antivirus you can download antivirus for windows 10 also .

2. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

The famous antivirus kaspersky free to the previous program to occupy the second place by a small margin in the evaluation, it has six features out of seven, and lacks only the seventh feature, a feature of the comprehensive detection of vulnerabilities.Despite numerous allegations and concerns about rumors of his association with the Russian government and his use of spying on users, most of the large technical sites still nominate him in the lists of the best antivirals for its efficiency and the fact that these rumors are not proven in any real way.It has proven highly effective in detecting phishing and phishing, as well as blocking suspicious software and links, so you can  install antivirus free .

3. AVG AntiVirus Free

The AVG antivirus retreated to third place this year, although it lacked only the seventh vulnerability detection feature like the previous software, but it was also noted during its testing that its scans are slower than average. The browser plug-in that was protected while working on the web has been canceled.AVG is built on the same antivirus engine as Avast, but it does not offer the same additional features as the latter.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

In the fourth place is the antivirus Bitdefender and the reason for its main delay is the loss of two features, namely the detection of vulnerabilities and evaluation of websites, but at the same time, there is an advantage to be calculated, that the level of protection against viruses in the free version is identical to the level of protection in the paid version of it, This is really advanced protection. What weakened his ranking on the list more was his lack of some layers of advanced malware protection, which you'll find in the paid version. It offers very little extra benefits for mac and android.
download Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.

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