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new smart watch from Apple Titanium and Ceramic

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 new smart watch from Apple Titanium and Ceramic
 new smart watch from Apple Titanium and Ceramic

Get to know the new smart watch from Apple Titanium and Ceramic

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is now official with a “always on display” and many features that make it the best in the world of smart watches.
Watch Series 5 was announced yesterday at the Apple conference in which the American company announced the new generation of iPhones. .

Features of Apple Watch Series 5

In terms of design, the watch is very similar to last year's watch design in terms of shape and size as well, but it has an exceptional feature that is a milestone than any other watch from Apple, a feature always-on display that allows it to display time on the screen without the need To lift your wrist, an important feature that was one of the most important demands of watch lovers, this new feature will work during the tracking of sports activities as it will show you dimly lit data during the exercises to raise the level of brightness once you lift your wrist.

The watch also includes a built-in compass as well as its ability to determine the altitude of the ground, which makes it the best companion for outdoor adventures.We were really looking forward to see more additional capabilities such as sleep tracking or sensitive to the pressure of blood pressure or sugar level, but as it turns out there are no big surprises this year.'

If you decide to buy the watch, it is natural to wonder about the quality of its battery, and in this regard Apple promises that it will work for 18 hours at a time, even if it did feature feature always-on display, which is the same run time on the model last year, which means that there are no improvements to the battery, but In fact 18 hours is more than enough for everyone.

What's new in the design of the watch you can buy one of the aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ceramics, which is nice to see all the options offered by Apple during the years become available again in the new watch.

New Retina display:

The most important feature of the new Apple Watch is its new screen with the always on display smart feature that displays the time and information automatically when you lift your wrist or by tapping the screen one click, and when your wrist is not raised the screen is cleverly dimming to conserve energy.
This LTPO display is based on low-temperature polycrystalline silicon and oxide, and is supported by a range of energy-saving technologies to keep Apple Watch Series 5 battery life up to 18 hours of continuous operation.

Support for emergency calls around the world:

The new generation of Apple smart watches offers a great advantage for greater safety and security, which is the support of international emergency calls, no matter where the country around the world. Just press and hold the side button to start an emergency call.

Apple Watch Series 5 price

The watch comes at a price of $ 399 for the GPS version compared to 499 for the cellular version and will arrive in stores on September 20, and with the arrival of the new watch Apple removed the Watch Series 4 from its stores with the reduction of the price of the Watch Series 3 to only $ 199.
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